Q&A with Scott

Why did you become a financial planner?

I was always interested in investing so when the opportunity came to make a career change, I became a part of national investment management company. The underpinning of all investment strategies for individuals and families is planning, controlling expenses, managing debt, building portfolios in the right places and taking care of catastrophic risk. I really enjoy helping folks put their plans together and watching those plans unfold successfully over the years.

How do you define your role as a fiduciary?

As fiduciaries our duty is to always put our client’s interests first.

What do you do when a problem is outside your area of expertise?

Part of being a fiduciary is knowing when a client needs skills and expertise that you and your firm can’t offer. Fortunately, we’ve had the honor of working closely with our client’s other advisors over the years to help them help our clients. We try to assist those other professionals to help ensure our client’s financial plans are complete.



Scott L. Maxwell, CFP® has been involved in the financial planning industry since 1993, when he accepted an opportunity as a Registered Representative with a national investment company.

In 1997 Scott founded an independent financial planning firm, Financial Strategies, and developed it into one of Northern Idaho’s premier boutique planning organizations. After meeting the stringent education, ethics, and experience requirements of the CFP Board of Standards, Scott earned the right to use the CFP® marks of distinction in 1999. He is a charter member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the nation’s largest association of professionals dedicated to championing the benefits of comprehensive financial planning. Scott came to The H Group, Inc. in May 2000. While competent in all areas of financial planning and investment management, Scott specializes in retirement and estate planning for clients seeking to realize their dreams, enjoy a secure financial future, and leave a legacy for heirs and favorite charities. Scott values community participation and is involved in several community and non-profit organizations. The father of two, Scott is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping, kayaking, sailing and hiking in the great Northwest.


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