Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning is one of the most important parts of a healthy financial plan.

With expert cash flow planning, you can develop a plan to meet today’s needs, and tomorrow’s goals. After retirement, this focus becomes especially important as people who once collected a regular paycheck must now manage their expenses using new sources of income. At The H Group, cash flow planning is one tool we use to help you reach your goals.

Personalized cash flow planning is an essential part of planning for retirement. We take the time to understand your individual situation and your long and short term goals. Once we have created a complete financial picture, we can help you understand your resources to manage expenses today, pay down debt, and save for tomorrow.

Many people who feel the heavy weight of debt on their shoulders benefit from professional cash flow planning. Instead of treading water, having a plan provides a path forward to becoming debt free and investing for the future. With a tailored plan, you can begin the process of eliminating debt and the stress that can go along with it.

How much income must be saved to reach your goals?

Our expert advisors work to understand your unique goals and help you create a plan to achieve them.

Cash flow planning helps take the guesswork out of investing and saving for retirement. At The H Group, we give our clients a clear strategy to follow that takes their needs today and their plans for the future into consideration.

Finally, once retirement has arrived, cash flow planning remains an integral part of our overall strategy. Balancing investment withdrawals, Social Security and pension income while also maintaining a tax efficient strategy can be a daunting task. Our cash flow planning can help you spend time enjoying your retirement years with clarity.

From your early working years to retirement, cash flow planning is an important part of your overall financial picture. In Oregon and across the country, our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will work with you to build a personalized strategy for all stages of life.