We treat wealth management and planning as collaborative processes with you. Then we take it one step further by collaborating with our colleagues, some of the best in the business. We also rely upon a very talented and credentialed staff to execute our investment strategies and provide day-to-day portfolio management, research and compliance.

Extensive research, rigorous analysis and steady discipline are the cornerstones in how we manage portfolios. To minimize conflicts of interest, we manage portfolios on a fee-only, discretionary basis. This also allows us to adjust portfolios as needed without incurring unnecessary costs.

Our investment philosophy has evolved over many years of experience. It is based on minimizing risk while attaining a rate of return sufficient to meet your goals.

Our management fee also serves as a retainer for ongoing financial planning advice. We encourage you to consult with us on all of your financial decisions.

Investment Planning
Active professional management, individually designed portfolios, asset allocation and diversification, assessing risk tolerance, developing investment policy statements

Retirement Planning
Assessing retirement feasibility under a variety of scenarios, evaluating executive benefit plans, company stock, employer and governmental pensions and Social Security timing strategies, handling Required Minimum Distributions

Cash Flow Planning
Debt management and savings strategies, learning to spend after a lifetime of saving, sustainable portfolio withdrawal rates

Estate Planning
Reducing estate and gift taxes, maintaining control over assets, passing assets to heirs, protecting the lifestyle of the family, passing responsibility to family members, protection from delay and administrative expenses

Tax Planning
Tax efficient withdrawal strategies, managing capital gains on highly appreciated assets, proactive planning with your tax preparer to keep your tax bill manageable

Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren
Selecting the most tax effective funding vehicles (UTMA, 529, etc.), forecasting cost and funding

Philanthropic Objectives
Charitable gifting strategies, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, family foundations and supporting organizations


Establishing a relationship with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional is one of the smartest things you can do to secure your financial well-being. It’s not uncommon to spend 20 or 30 years of your working career with your nose to the grindstone, socking away some money because you know you should, but lacking efficiency and a framework for how all your financial pieces fit together.

Investment Management

We design individually managed portfolios tailored to meet our clients’ needs. After extensive research and rigorous analysis, we will develop an investment plan to meet your long-term objectives, resources and risk tolerance.

Our investment philosophy has evolved over many years of experience. This conservative philosophy is based on minimizing risk while targeting a rate of return sufficient to meet your goals. Time, patience and a strict discipline are the cornerstones of our success.

We manage investment portfolios on a fee basis. Our clients pay no commissions. This eliminates conflict of interest and allows us to adjust portfolios as needed without incurring unnecessary costs.

Our management fee also serves as a retainer for ongoing financial advice. We encourage our clients to consult with us on all their financial decisions.

Retirement and Lifestyle Planning

Prudent retirement planning can help protect decades of hard work and the careful accumulation of wealth from the inevitable impact of taxes and inflation.

Key components of a successful retirement plan are:

  • Portfolio survival analysis, utilizing state-of–the-art techniques to determine the feasibility of reaching your goals
  • Tax-advantaged investment strategies to maximize your nest egg during the accumulation phase of your life
  • Minimum distribution requirements from retirement plans and strategies to avoid tax penalties on early retirement plan distributions
  • Evaluating highly appreciated stock and stock option plans for minimum tax impact during retirement years
  • Determining optimum retirement plan distribution options including lifetime income and lump sum payments

Reaching retirement is an event to be celebrated and treasured for its unlimited possibilities. With that in mind, we provide sound and thoughtful planning alternatives to help you ensure a long, happy and financially secure retirement.

When you become a client, your goals become our goals. We are dedicated to helping you build and protect your wealth – and realize the life you envision.